Tv lie detector test dating

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From 2008 onwards, the most common topic is paternity testing, followed by lie-detector testing.

Abusive relationships and "out-of-control" teen girls are approximately tied for a distant third.

Often the mother will bring the child or children to the studio to prove her claim's validity to Maury, the audience, and the accused father.

She will often say "I'm 100%/1000% (or some other absurdly high amount) sure he is the father!

" Images of the father and child are displayed on the screen.

In October 2014, Maury was renewed through September 2018.

Maury has dealt with a variety of issues across its 21 seasons, including—but not limited to—teenage pregnancy, sexual infidelity, paternity test results, uncommon illnesses, makeovers, "out of control" teenagers, transgender individuals, obese children, domestic violence, little people, bullying, and unusual phobias.

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