Tupperware party dating games

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Tupperware party dating games

Penny alternating tells him to work with Bert and to quit not giving Sheldon a resolution.Even though his problem is about science, Sheldon came to Penny because she still holds her head high despite her checkered past. Penny then tells him to go be sexually promiscuous with himself.She cites the example of dinner with her parents where he kept telling "your Momma" jokes.Amy tells him that if he finds the work interesting he should continue and not care what other people think.Raj enters happily announcing that he had breakfast at Ruchi's apartment.They has spent the night though Raj didn't sleep because he didn't want to snore.Sheldon runs over to her exhausted and then says that he is ready to have dinner with her surprising Amy.Sheldon comes into apartment 4A and announces that he needs to talk to Penny alone. Sheldon explains that he doesn't want others to find out that he is working in geology; however, he finds the work fascinating.

Ruchi is explaining how she was supposed to return to India to get married and instead moved out to California.

Back at the cafeteria, Leonard asks about Bernadette and her bed rest.

Howard sighs and says that she yells at him all day and lies there eating Mallomars; thus completely the transformation into his mother.

Howard keeps making wise cracks and then notices Ruchi in bar.

She couldn't find anyone to join her to watch the cricket match so she joined Raj and Howard. Bert and Sheldon are working in Bert's office on the math for Bert's project.

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