True stories of dating abuse

Posted by / 02-Aug-2020 14:22

We dated for 10 months and within that time I started slowly but surely be exposed to different parts of his personally.I wanted to deny many parts of some of the “Red Flags” that I saw, because I felt that I might have already fallen in love with him.I read later, that it was normal for me to have these “Outbursts” because after all, I was being abused and I was only human and a good person who gives all the time can only take so much.I noticed also the way that he handled situations, he would go from black to white with handling them in an irrational way without much emotion, feeling, regard or empathy.Many times when I would compliment him, he wouldn’t take much of a compliment and he didn’t have the best self esteem.

During that time I had a medical situation happen to me where I had lost my home, my career and my finances and was working a job that was below my educational level and wasn’t quite feeling the same self-esteem level that I usually did and was at a vulnerable place.I asked him why he said it and he said, “I don’t know why I said it, sometimes when I get close to someone I say something to push them away from me,” then he apologized.I was hurt and taken back by his comment, but there was so much good in him already that I just pushed that comment aside.Not only was I already at a place where my self esteem had decreased due to the many losses, but then it further decreased by his verbal put downs and abuse and then decreased even more, being manipulated thinking that I was wrong.Losing my self esteem even worse made the cycle continue on and put me in more of a “Needy” place that made it harder for me to leave and almost made me feel that I needed him to survive.

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