Trend micro internet security keeps updating

Posted by / 21-Mar-2020 09:08

If you're not certain of the answer to my question: Why not?!

If you click on the security section of system mechanic it will tell you that your computer is protected by trend micro so I do not believe system mechanic is a anti-malware product.

You may tryinstalling the System Mechanic after upgrading to version 12 but we can't assureyou that they will work properly. In order to update TM it is telling me I need to uninstall SM because it is not compatible.

When I purchased TM it came with SM on the same disc, so why not compatible? I as well acquired System Mechanic as a bonus|incentive FROM Trend Micro on a bundled special deal offered via QFC, if memory serves correctly, at least five years ago.

It does do a lot of clearing your computer from junk files and things that trend micro does not do for you.

I think the conflict problem is all on trend micro and I hope trend micro takes care of this problem as I need my system mechanic and do not want to have to keep removing it every time trend micro needs to do an update.

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