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Totally  dating pickup tricks that works

All you’ll need to know is that it’s a potent seduction tool, and if you use it in conjunction with a technique such as gorgeous.

Indeed, when you fall in love with a woman then everyone else seems to fade into the background. The secret simply lies in reminding yourself that there are a ton of other women out there, as well, who are just as gorgeous as the woman that you like, if not even so… and when you have mastered a technique like Fractionation (and a complete seduction system like the Shogun Method) then you’ll soon get more options that you could ever handle as far as women are concerned. And herein lies the danger: once she notices that she has the power in the relationship, she will lose interest in you in no time.

Yes, very much like you’re the archetype techniques that we can use anytime we see a beautiful woman we want to approach and attract.

In this guide, there are three of these techniques which you can use to take your game to the next level.

And to make things even better, they are quite easy to learn and master. To help you out, I’ve prepared a simple Action Checklist which you can use whenever you want to use these techniques on a woman.

Simply leaf through this beautiful PDF document and check off everything in the Checklist so that you’re sure that you haven’t forgotten anything. And even better: I’ve also included a bonus extra technique which is not inside this article.

This rather long-winded Wikipedia article outlines the technicalities of what social proof is.As a Derek Rake disciple, you’ll be spoiled for choice. And since women are generally easy to become friends with, try to become friends with more women from now on. It’s easy to attract women to you once you know the ENTICE/REPEL technique which is shown in this nifty little 4-minute video below – Alternatively, understand that approaching women tends to come across as a little more challenging than it should – be sure to read our killer guide on approaching women (click here).Also, with the Shogun Method, you can date more women, and you . The last thing that you would want is to obsess over a woman whom you deem to be irreplaceable.Place yourself on a pedestal, make her see that you are worth the trouble… 🙂 And to help you do all that, you can get started with just the Fractionation technique as outlined at Derek Rake HQ ().With the knowledge that you’re going to acquire, you’ll be getting the power of attracting any woman into your arms so easily that you’ll laugh.

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To start you off, attend this online Masterclass on Mind Control conducted by Derek Rake (founder of the Shogun Method).

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  1. It was written after six years of full-time study in the game, the end result of relentlessly perfecting a dating strategy through hard work, trial and error, and rejection.

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