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Special Presenter Award Awarded to the actress chosen specifically by the presenters of the event. On an extra note, there is also a production award ‘Best Works Prize’ which is separate to the individual awards.This prize has three categories and is awarded to the AV idol who starred in the top streamed, purchased and rented video titles of the year.Note: I know it’s been a few months since the actual awards were held… So, here you go guys, maybe even use it as a reference for next year! R18) is one of the biggest online adult content sites on the net.This AV porn mega monster site caters for streaming, rentals and an online DVD shop for the majority of adult videos released in Japan.Media Award Awarded to the actress who was most featured in newspapers, magazines, and printed media throughout the year.Hot Topic Award Awarded to the actress who was a hot topic and caused a stir in the AV idol industry throughout the year.With about 55 videos produced per day, there’s just no easy way to choose a favorite actress …

Originally a former member of the all-girl idol group SKE48, she was of course ‘hot’ but never had her chance to shine.Best Newcomer Actress and Best Newcomer Actress Runner Up Awarded to the top and runner newcomer actresses with the most internet and event venue votes.Special Award Awarded to the actress who made a special contribution to the AV Idol industry throughout the year.Idols would be cute from afar, but when they stepped up and took their clothes off they were never anything special. It is obvious that she is one of the few idols turned AV pornstar that has lived up to the hype.Her looks, body style, and erotic aura have been highly praised by fans and the AV idol industry.

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The nominated AV idols are divided into two different award categories.