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With its trendy designs, easy to use interface and built in guest tracking system – it is the perfect house party planning assistant!

I believe that we each have the power to utilize technology in a way that will help us continually cultivate meaningful relationships with our loved ones.

Spotify’s music app allows us to create collaborative playlists and share new and old music with friends.Let’s be honest, we can hardly walk into a coffee shop or sit in a restaurant without seeing someone with a phone in their hands (or being that person ourselves).Most of us check our phones the very minute we open our eyes in the morning. What if connecting to technology could help us our friendships?because a little friendly competition can go a long way. Planning to get the gang back together for a much needed reunion?This greeting card and event planning app is a must have.

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Whatever song we’re vibin’ at the moment, we can instantly share it with our loved ones on Spotify!

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