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The AMREP (Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct) Flow Cytometry Core Facility is a state of the art, world class cell sorting and cell analysis laboratory, catering for the scientific research community based at AMREP and broader Melbourne. The facility offers services catering for both animal and human cell sorting in a PC2 environment.

The facility is located at AMREP, Commercial Rd, Melbourne, specifically in the Central Clinical School (CCS) Monash ACBD (1st and 2nd floors), Monash Immunology 6th floor and the Burnet Institute (Alfred Centre 7th floor). Uniquely, the facility also caters for infectious sample sorting (eg. The facility is equipped with three cell sorting platforms (2x BD FACS Aria, 1x BD In Flux) and nine cell analysis platforms.

The facility offers comprehensive training and education, experimental design and protocol guidance specifically targeting effective data generation and interpretation in the field of flow cytometry.

Sci., with nearly 25 years of extensive experience in the field of flow cytometry and cell sorting.

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