Tamagotchi v5 dating cheat dating solder top cans

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Tamagotchi v5 dating cheat

Continue doing this whenever it is unhappy and it will live a lot longer and never get turned down for marriage.

To become a champion in Bump you must get to round 8. If you do not want to lose your Tamagotchi baby, pause it overnight, then resume in the morning.For a girl Tamagotchi of any age, put it in "Time Out" six times. If you have the secret code item called "Costume", use it and your Tamagotchi should turn into another character, but only for one day.After this, the Tamagotchi changes back, but the costume can be used again. The costume character will win all eight rounds, but its up to you to win them. Push it and when the display is dark all the way (very high), press it again really quickly.Set the system date to March 1 and you should be able to buy everything at half price at the store.Set the system date to November 16 and you should be able to buy everything at 25% off at the store.

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Donate a total minimum of 5000 points to get a password for PC. Enter the password you got from your Tamagotchi and the king will give you a password for a ring.

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