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Swtor companion dating

The most common way for players to get their mitts on companion gifts in , it will increase their affection based upon a) how much they like that category of gift, b) the rarity of the companion gift, and c) the rank of the companion gift and what level of affection they are at currently.Gifts, like every other item in , has multiple rarity levels, ranging from green (common) to purple (rare).If a player wishes to romance a companion, then you'll definitely want to use gifts to push that affection level as high as you can get it.Overall, there are ten different types of gifts that a player can give to his companions. The short answer is that companion gifts are also ranked with a range from rank 1 to rank 5.In Swtor players are able to have their companions craft items for them when they are not around, have their companions gather items for them and even send their companions on missions.All three of these things that your companions are able to do can be done while the player is online or offline, it doesn't even matter!The higher the companion's affection for the player's character, the faster they'll accomplish whatever crew skill tasks the player assigns them.A companion that has a great deal of affection for a player's character will complete a crew skill task much faster than a companion that really doesn't give a damn.

Rank 1 companion gifts will reward the smallest number of points.

While players can increase their companions' affection through conversation choices, the easiest manner to do so is giving them gifts.

To that end, we've put together a complete guide to companion gifts encompassing methods of acquiring them, gift and affection levels, and how to properly use companion gifts. The reason why you will wish to give you companions gifts in is to increase their affection.

The vendors carry rank 1 and rank 2 companion gifts.

The auction house is a good place to find companion gifts, especially the rarer kind, and they can be found in the "miscellaneous" category.

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While there are a multitude of ways to acquire companion gifts, the primary method is by sending your companions out on crew skill missions.

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