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Sun ye dating

The detailed steps are as follows: (a) Dry soil was crushed and sieved at 500 μm; (b) The sample was deflocculated with 5% sodium polyphosphates, and then washed three to four times with distilled water; (c) Organic matter was first oxidised by 250 ml of H (30%) in the tube for 20 min; (j) Finally, the recovered phytoliths were dried at 60 °C for 24 h prior to testing.

The phytolith and most of the other materials were dated by Beta Analytic Lab, except for two plant samples from the Tianluoshan site, which were sent to the Peking University accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) laboratory.

Phytoliths can occlude some organic carbon during their deposition in plants.

This carbon fraction is recognised as an ideal dating material because of its high resistance to decomposition and post-deposition contamination at the time of phytolith formation.

The Yingyang, Yuancun, and Wuluoxipo sites are located in Henan province, central China.2a,b, the extracted phytoliths appeared as white or grey-white.None of the charcoal or clays were observed with an optical microscope (Fig. The absence of extraneous organic materials was further checked by SEM-EDS analysis (Fig. Four micro-areas on the phytoliths were randomly selected for EDS analysis.The phytolith dating processes can generally be described by the following three steps: First, the sample is placed into a combustion vessel (quartz glass) and combusted at 1500 °C to generate CO is collected and converted to graphite.Finally, the graphite is measured by the accelerator mass spectrometer.

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Xinglefang is attributed to the Miaodigou culture (3900–3600 BCE).

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