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Create a New Image onto the Desktop that is about 16GB and install Starcraft 2 directly into this disk image – some users have reported success just copying their current Starcraft 2 install into that folder and deleting the original installation.

Be sure to launch Starcraft 2 client from the disk image.

* Mac Book Pro overheats and game stutters in gameplay and cutscenes – possibly related to above graphics driver problems, some users report adding the following two lines to their variable file helpful (variables is located at ~/Documents/Blizzard/Starcraft II/variables.txt): This forces your frame rates to cap at a consistent level, some hardware is overworking when it doesn’t need to be thus sending your Mac Book Pro into a ridiculously hot CPU eating festival with itself and crash city.

* Incompatibilities with Little Snitch, App Cleaner, File Vault, and Peer Guardian – these apps are known to cause problems with the Mac Starcraft 2 client, ranging from inability to connect to Battle Net to a patch installation loop.

Current workaround is to disable these applications if they are running on your Mac.

Overwatch developer Blizzard is about to introduce a new policy to combat the game's biggest problem.

Hackers have making make life miserable for Overwatch players in Korea, where Blizzard is about to make an update t From February 17, Blizzard will be updating its account policy in a bid to stop hackers from ruining the game.

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This means that only players with valid Korean game licenses will be able to play the game in the region.

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