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We know that abuse occurs in addition to those kinds of relationships,” she says.“Unfortunately, the federal policy doesn’t address that, and the policy is from nearly a generation ago by now.However, Sorenson points out that relationship status was not the only demographic information collected.Police officers appear to have applied the law equally in terms of race, ethnicity, age, and gender, as well as the circumstances under which they gathered evidence, took statements, checked state registries, and provided transportation to medical care.

Perhaps someone in a dating relationship who experiences abuse may opt not to marry the abuser.

What’s more, these partnerships result in the most physical violence.

“Current boyfriends or girlfriends were more likely than current spouses to injure their victims,” says Sorenson, director of Penn’s Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Center on Family Violence.

I’ve gone through a couple boyfriends since Mark died. I’ve gone on a number of crappy first dates through Plenty of Fish.

One was just for fun (George – he was my happy place) and the other I thought was my chapter 2 (my Metalhead Poet) but wasn’t. I had almost decided that I’m not destined to find love again.

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Analyzing 31,206 of these forms from the year 2013, the researchers found that 82.1 percent of intimate partner violence incidents included current or former dating partners (44.3 percent and 37.8 percent, respectively).