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She was viewing her auto-generated matches and there was my smiling face on her computer’s monitor. She was a bit older than me and her photos showed a woman of an attractive and pleasant demeanor. We found each other on a summer’s day and spent an hour or two chatting amicably while eating ice cream. I continually exhort men to get out of the house and be more social. As well, women over a certain complain mightily that not enough men attend social events. There are more available single women out in meetspace.

As her friends had encouraged her to try online dating, she jumped in, not really understanding all the various on-screen controls. Smiling makes a woman so much more attractive in her online dating profile photos. It was ice cream at a very established local ice cream place close to where I live. She arrived a bit late because of parking issues but did send me a text letting me know that she would be late. Online dating is all well and good but real life is so much better.

Il y a un problème d'ajustement entre offre et demande.

Il faut travailler à la complémentarité de la formation.

Grandiose and intimate, heroic, and powerful, complete with cannon shots, there is so much to hear in this score, penned under Bonaparte’s bombardments.

She knew it and she told me directly early in the conversation. She told me flat out that she was seriously considering texting me on multiple occasions to cancel our meeting. It means moving out of a comfortable space and actually going on dates. Even though she clicked a link accidentally, she followed up and went on a date with me. Dating requires introspection and adaptation to the current realities of the world.

I didn’t question her about the circumstances, that’s way too personal when meeting a person for the first time. The take-away lesson from that date is this: Dating takes courage.

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