Speed dating review game

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Speed dating review game

I created seven questions based on what they had already learnt.

Without using any notes, they had to write the answer to the questions based on the information they had just learnt.And after each conversation, you’ll circle “yes” or “no” on the piece of paper, indicating if you’re interested in seeing this person again in the future or not.At the end of the event, which usually involves meeting eight to 12 possible matches, you’ll turn in this piece of paper to the program’s leaders, and if mutual interest is expressed by you and any of the people you met, you’ll receive an email the next day with their contact information.In total they had 6 speed dates (so each of the other questions was covered).They were not allowed to take any notes with them – everything had to be done from memory, including retaining the new information given to them during their speed dates.

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It’s also important to note that speed dating events can typically cost around $30.00 to $40.00 per person, depending upon which service you choose.

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