Speed dating near me

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Speed dating near me

Trying to extricate ones self from a contract that provides no service wasted two months of my life. They arranged an engineer visit in which they promised a professional set up of services, I took the day off and waited in for 5 hours dor no one to show up. My internet on my phone works faster than talk talk wifi. I find they add payments, I call to question about added fees and they invent stuff up to justify ta king the payment, for example I had a charge of 2 62 fast broad band from 11th -14th Feb (I unplugged my modem to avoid the charges) I call and they say it's not that it's because of payment change. I had better service in malta with melita and belive me they are **** but you would think uk would have their **** together.

When I called them I spoke to 5 separate people in call centres abroad. I was told to wait til after midnight to see if it had set up..... Unfortuntely i’m stuck in a contract otherwise i would have left a year ago Absolutely shocking. Very poor not worth the hassel and definitely not worth them taking more money with no understandable explanation This is feedback about Mandy who I just took out a contract with for talk talk starting 1st March 2018.

Absolutely disgusting lying pigs who steal money from a family with disabilities..

They are getting paid no not do there jobs properly.

I have rang loads of times and still after that and still the same problem. Despite admitting I am not getting the service they still refuse any kind of refund.

Without any shadow of a doubt the worst customer service I have experienced in my life.

All due to the fact the router is an absolutely appalling piece of hardware as admitted by their own technical managers and engineers. I suggested we switch to better broadband but my parents had a different idea which is to upgrade but I doubt it will improve our broadband. Stay away from this company they add on disconnect you my bill was £25 but it's seems to be always £35 or more I don't even use my my lane line.i can t wait to leave this disgusting company I wish I never even went with them.cintacting ofcom next week cause there lieing thieving scum The service from this company is terrible. Which they charged me £40 for an enginer to confirm what i had already said about needing a new router.

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and to top it off this morning they rang to confirm the engineer visit for in 4 days time ...... I wish I could put zero starts because this Wi Fi is horrible. She deserves a medal and a reward for the best customer service I have ever received.

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