Sorority fraternity dating site tupperware party dating games

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Issue warrants and have female deputies round up the “criminals.” Charge for bail or release.

Might combine with a jailhouse party where couples dress as convicts and match up through matching prison numbers. The first square the cow relieves itself upon wins a cash prize.

Sponsor campus competition with change used as votes.

It was incredibly fun and always fell within university policies as there was no alcohol allowed. What ends up happening is we’ll have members invite one guest then with the remaining invites we split them up with the sororities so that we can get unity within our Greek community. Halloween: heaven and hell, have multiple level homes, decorate one half as hell and the other half as heaven. As long as you do it off campus or get permission you should be good to go. Then we take them ice skating or dancing or something. The stories of guys going up to random girls and getting them to grab them as dates is great. Some of the best that I’ve heard would include an etiquette class followed by a food fight and dance lessons. Best mixer of my udergrad days wasn’t really a mixer at all but a community service event. Use a colorful revival tent, cucumber sandwiches and tea, prep or British clothing. There’s enough negative stereotyping going around…why feed it? A couple of our more fun date party ideas we did at our chapter were- Happiest place on earth (Disney theme), Can’t wait till new years ( We have a 3 story chapter house and made each floor a different city and celebrated like it was new years for each one- Top floor was Paris, main floor was NYC, and basement was SF), Safari/ Jungle, Famous Couples, and Luau 63. new initiates flag football game, replete with cheerleaders and coaches. Beads, hurricanes, grenades, crazy outfits, everyone really enjoyed it. In part, it’s what makes us gentlemen: putting others before ourselves, even with something as simple as a mixer. The three most popular dress up mixers I have seen were themed, “Boots and Boxers” (more clothes are worn than just that), “Favorite You Tube Character”, and of course “America.” 57. Takes place on hottest day of the year, indoors with air conditioning turned way up. Go to the list of other campus organization and invite them to have their meeting at the house instead of at the student center or where ever good for campus outreach and recruitment after the meeting have pizza or snacks 58.

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