Six degrees of dating east europe dating ladies

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Six degrees of dating

For example, I’ve used the app to see how many steps separate Adrian Peterson (who’s played in the NFL since 2007) and George Mikan (who played in the BAA and NBA from 1948 to 1956). Similarly, only eight steps separate Babe Ruth from Anthony Davis.You can connect any pro baseball, basketball, or football player with any other athlete from one of those three sports.It is completely Web-based, with no peer-to-peer application to download, and the “sharing” is purely metaphorical.But it is expanding for the same reason Napster did—members have an interest in making it more popular, because that means there’s more to trade.

These athletes include: more than 4,000 basketball players, including those who played on all NBA, BAA, and ABA teams, dating back to the 1940s; more than 23,000 football players dating back to classic NFL teams of the 1920s, such as the Frankford Yellow Jackets; just under 18,000 baseball players, from the 1870s to the present day; and more than 7,000 hockey players, from the WHA and NHL, dating back to the late 1910s.“He was no one I knew, a tourist who was in town for a few days,” the vocalist continues.“I was flattered and weirdly curious.” The traveler invited Rex (as he would like to be called) out on a date.Here’s how he describes his project: …I built a tool to find the shortest possible connections between 50,000-plus professional baseball, basketball, football, and hockey players.(Special thanks to the amazing Sports-Reference family of sites for the thorough databases for each sport.) Two athletes are considered “connected” if they played for the same team during the same season, although due to trades and injuries it’s possible that certain “connected” athletes never shared a field of play.

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“Under 99 percent of these circumstances I would have stayed away, but I happened to think he was cute. We met again later that night for a date and hooked up.