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After the railroad was constructed to the town in 1848, numerous other industries were established. The Ashuelot River was later used to provided water power for sawmills, gristmills and tanneries.During the summer, Keene can get hit by thunderstorms from the west, but the Green Mountains to the west often break up some of the storms, so that Keene doesn't usually experience a thunderstorm at full strength.The last time a tornado hit Cheshire County was in 1997. The most recent such winter was 2002–2003, when Keene received 112.5 inches (2,860 mm) of snow.The majority of the snowfall in Keene comes from nor'easters, areas of low pressure that move up the Atlantic coast and strengthen.Many times these storms can produce blizzard conditions across southern New England.By the early 1900s all had been absorbed by the Boston & Maine Railroad.Keene was home to a railroad shop complex and two railroad yards. But Blount's plan fell through and, after one operating season in Keene, the museum was relocated to nearby Bellows Falls, Vermont.

Route 101 leads east to Peterborough and Manchester, Route 32 leads south to Swanzey, New Hampshire, and to Athol, Massachusetts, and Route 12A leads north to Surry and Alstead.

When the boundary between Massachusetts and New Hampshire was fixed in 1741, Upper Ashuelot became part of New Hampshire.

Lamoureux Settled after 1736, it was intended to be a fort town protecting the Province of Massachusetts Bay from French and their Native allies during the French and Indian Wars, the North American front of the Seven Years' War.

The city retains a considerable inventory of fine Victorian architecture from its mill town era.

Keene is today a center for insurance, education, and tourism.

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