Simon rex dating kesha Adult public chat

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Simon rex dating kesha

(Because of how they can’t afford CD’s on their 0-a-week allowances or whatever.) But I’ve been wrong before!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I have just a few problems with some of these lyrics. Diddy, I’d probably wake up feeling like an asshole everyday.

Dear Ke$ha, I was moving apartments last week and of course the truck I rented only had a radio, so I was forced to listen to your #1 Hit Song “Tick Tock” about 17 times in one day and let me tell you, whoever it is who writes your lyrics really has the “stuff 13 year old girls think they care about” thing nailed.

I mean, I assume that’s the target audience of your song/personal brand because I’m pretty sure that’s who every song on the radio is directed at.

The couple were seen walking hand-in-hand through Alicante, Spain, in April, with Ms Meade donning a revealing black bikini and lacy sarong. It was the right and best decision I have made.’The care worker met Mr Danczuk through social media and they are believed to have been dating since December.

But the mother-of-two said she ended the relationship ‘some days ago’, although she has yet to go into detail as to why. Ms Meade, of Yorkshire, previously spoke about having a wedding abroad and starting a family with the politician.

First of all, you “wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy”? You woke up with the sudden urge to rap over classic rock radio hits? I’ll let you off the hook for that, because I too wrote some really terrible poetry when I was your age (you’re in 9th grade, right? What I don’t understand though, is why you have to “fight ’til you see the sunlight.” Are you fighting to stay awake?

Rex is the guy in Ke$ha’s debut video for Tik Tok, and has recently announced that she’ll be appearing on his upcoming album due out in March.

If you have listened to either of these two before, can you imagine what happens when they get together?

Paris Hilton's sophomore studio album may feature hip-hop material as she has reportedly teamed up with actor/rapper Simon Rex in a new song. They had a blast," so a source told In Touch Weekly.

Paris also revealed to the publication that the singles in her still-in-the-work record will be written by herself.

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She stated, "I was really inspired by Kylie Minogue.