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Sidney crosby dating mario lemieux daughter

You may not know much about Crosby, or you may be Superfan no. Either way, consider this timeline a useful resource or a primer or just a helpful reminder that you might not want to put too much credence in anything anyone (and/or their “three sources”) says, particularly when they’re talking about the aftermath of one’s brain sloshing around against the insides of one’s skull.

Above all, consider it a story of the fragility of talent and health in professional sports, and the difficulty in trying to make sense of it all.

If the events relating to Friday night reflect the state of the league, I need to rethink whether I want to be a part of it.” Many commentators are quick to point out the hypocrisy in Mario’s statement, given that one of his own guys, Matt Cooke, is known as one of the league’s fiercest and dirtiest players.

February 16: Pittsburgh radio personality Mark Madden writes on his blog that people within the organization are split on Sidney’s eventual return.

“The word filtering out of the Pittsburgh Penguins is that Crosby is an angry young man, angry enough to pull his considerable star presence from one of the league’s showcase events because he does not think the NHL is doing enough to protect its players,” he writes.

January 18: Crosby refutes the story, calling it “not even close” to accurate.

The final All-Star votes are tallied: With 635,509 votes, Crosby leads all NHL players by a factor of more than 150,000 votes.

Before he was even drafted he was anointed as “The Next One” — hockey shorthand for the next Gretzky, the next player who could bridge the gap between hockey fanatics and casual weekend watchers of NBC.

Until January, everything was going according to plan. Crosby’s 2010 included an overtime gold-medal-winning goal at the Vancouver Olympics, a starring role in HBO’s universally beloved 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic documentary, a 25-game point streak spanning the months of November and December in which Crosby recorded 26 goals and 24 assists, and even, for good measure, a nonchalant home run during batting practice at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park.

A few days before the Winter Classic, the heavily hyped outdoor hockey game that would feature Crosby and the Penguins against longtime foil Alex Ovechkin and his Washington Capitals, no less an all-timer than Mario Lemieux said, in a rare press conference, that “what [Sid’s] doing now is much more impressive than what I did years ago.” And it was during the Winter Classic that it happened: an away-from-the-play hit brought Crosby to his hands and knees.

It’s good to see with each passing day that the Montreal Canadiens are being exposed for the dog whistle tactics used to get rid of star defenseman P. And they’ve used that to end up in the Stanley Cup Final. He also made himself a willing ambassador for the city of Nashville that has a growing fanbase.

The Canadiens’ loss has been the Nashville Predators’ gain. Subban turns out not to be person and player the Canadiens said he was: a bad teammate who only thought of himself and a player who took chances in his defensive zone.

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Protect the long-term investment at the expense of the current season.” Later that night, Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mikhail Grabovski is checked from behind into the boards, crumples onto the ice, has to be revived with smelling salts — and then returns to the game to score the winning goal.