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In other words, "Mine"Asian Persuasion is not just a frase'It's a real thing and it applies to this subject at least for me.White, Hispanic, Black or any other flavor/age you may like- it comes down to bang for the buck. One, once in a blue moon, advantage to the young came several years back. I finally pushed through, and she confirmed she had been a "physical virgin" until then. Nice surpise you won't get with an older provider..She cleans me up in the shower and takes care of herself too, she give a phenomenal massage and works my knots out with her elbows, and she never needs to ask what I want, she just asks "how much are you going to tip me".She doesn't have an "old lady" smell, and must do some sort of exercising because she stays tight.

Although she had a nice, yummy body, wearing tight shorts, no panties.

I had my first Asian massage at age 32, almost 20 years later I still prefer Asian massage.i've had the chance of having both and i think it really comes down to who you get and if she likes you or not.

I recently had a provider that was young, probably around my age and it was truly a girlfriend experience.

So if I want a quality massage give me a woman in her 30's or 40's who I can better relate to.

If I want to fluff up my ego then a youthful one will do that for me.

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Regardless of where I blow, she tells me that my cum tastes good and she wipes it either with her hand or rubs it off with my cock and puts it in her mouth and swallows.

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