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Ryan wanted to live and kept fighting for his life.Bulerin then took the knife and stabbed Ryan several times including a fatal stab wound to the kidney.Richard Joseph was convicted of aggravated murder and sentenced to death.An appeals court overturned Joseph’s death sentence and he is now eligible for parole.When Ryan left to go home, he backed out of the driveway and Joseph jumped into the car and threatened him with a knife.They met up with Bulerin, dumped Ryan’s car up the road and they drove back & forth in front of the girlfriend’s house, hoping to scare her.Joseph was very upset about a breakup with his girlfriend, whom Ryan was now dating.On that night in June, Joseph & Bulerin decided to do something about this relationship.

Joseph went to the same school as Ryan and lived in a house with Bulerin.

They agreed to let him stay and then retired for the evening. Ryan’s dad awoke to get ready for work and noticed the lights were still on downstairs and Ryan’s car was not in the driveway.

He went back upstairs to check his son’s bedroom and then immediately woke his Ryan’s mom when he could not locate Ryan.

Two Killers Get Life A few days later, Joseph and Bulerin were arrested and charged with Ryan’s murder.

Bulerin agreed to testify against Joseph in exchange for a plea deal that would allow him to avoid the death penalty.

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