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Sex dating in santa susana california

Direction signs are posted occasionally on the path, but do not attempt this hike without a map.

After 7,000 years of inhabitation, the land is a matrix of ancient tracks, and the sight of stranded hikers begging for assistance is common.

Maybe that’s why the northern slopes—crisscrossed by streams and preserved in patches within the Santa Clarita Woodlands—are a revelation to anyone exploring them for the first time.

It slips into Millard Canyon’s cool shade, climbing more than a thousand feet through miner’s lettuce and wild cucumber to join the old railway bed by a rock dome named the Cape of Good Hope.

In front of you, across Las Flores Canyon, sits Echo Mountain, where a pair of hotels once operated.

Length: 5 miles round-trip Difficulty: Moderate Elevation gain: 900 feet USGS topo map: Waterman Mountain Permits and passes: National Forest Adventure Pass Time needed: 4 hours Highlight: Standing beneath a 50-foot waterfall Angeles Crest Highway begins next to a La Cañada mall and ends under a bantam-size Half Dome in the heart of bighorn sheep territory, a trip of about 40 miles into a gorgeous frontier that few people ever take.

This is the top of the world: The road winds eastward past remote hoodoos bleached white by unfiltered sunlight, through ancient sequoia groves, and over Cloudburst Summit (elevation 7,018 feet), where you can look out across the shimmering Mojave Desert and spy snowcaps in the faraway southern Sierra.

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You can’t see, sense, or even imagine the city, 40 miles away.

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