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12 There are no transcripts before 1662 in the Welsh dioceses and for a large number of parishes the transcripts do not start until much later and even then they are often incomplete.

The parishes were to provide a coffer for the safe keeping of the register.5 In 1598 Elizabeth confirmed a constitution issued (1597) by the convocation of the province of Canterbury which directed the more careful keeping of parish registers. It was also ordered that a transcript of the entries was to be sent to the diocesan registry within a month of Easter every year.6 The parishes were ordered to buy parchment registers and the old registers, which had usually been of paper, were to be copied into the new parchment registers, especially from the first year of Elizabeth's reign .................... Similar instructions were included in the canons of 1603, confirmed by James I in 1604, but the transcripts were henceforth to be sent to the registry within a month of 25 March. Cox estimated that there were 877 registers with entries from 15 extant in 1910.The language of the registers varies between Latin and English from parish to parish and within individual registers from period to period until about 1731.An Act of Parliament passed in that year declared that proceedings in courts of justice should be in the English language from 25 March 1733.

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The majority of the registers remain in the custody of the incumbents of the various parishes but there is an arrangement for the deposit of the original registers in the National Library for preservation and repair, and the provision by the Library of photocopies to be kept in the appropriate parishes.

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