Sex date recorded

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Sex date recorded

The Home Office are continuing to develop and implement this system across all 44 police forces in England and Wales.Selected data on violent and sexual offences for the year ending March 2016 is provided from a subset of forces as Experimental Statistics in order to demonstrate to users some of the analyses possible in the future and to seek feedback to inform the future presentation of crime statistics.

Females were victims in 53% of violence against the person offences and 90% of rape offences recorded by the police.However, the Data Hub contains a field where police forces can identify a given set of aggravating factors related to an offence and one of these factors is whether the offence was “alcohol-related”.It was not mandatory for forces to populate this field in the year ending March 2016, and there was not a standard definition used across police forces.Back to table of contents Police recorded crime figures provide information on the notifiable offences that have been reported to, and recorded by, the 43 territorial police forces in England and Wales, plus the British Transport Police.The police recorded crime collection has traditionally been based on the submission of aggregate returns from forces at the offence level.

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