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Sex chat rooms free no signing up

According to victim’s statements, Scully had forced some of the girls he was “looking after” to dig their own graves.This guy obviously got off on their physical and psychological suffering. As for the exact details of the types of torture Scully conducted, there are plenty rumours as to what the videos contain, but that’s another story…Scully has since been found guilty of the murder of an 11-year-old girl, and of the torture and sexual abuse of at least eight girls, including an 18-month-old infant.The remains of the murdered girl were found under the floor of one of the homes that Scully rented.

No good could ever come from seeing something like that.

Anyone that has read anything that I’ve ever written will realise that I am not a psychologist, criminologist or anyone with any particular insight.

But, seeing as I’m here, and so are you, I may as well give you my theory on Scully.

The rape and murder of a child on camera is as dark as I need, thanks.

We know for a fact that these videos exist, well, actually, Daisy’s Destruction is mentioned by the police, but Dafu’s Love might be a made up internet thing.

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Of course, in the modern world, that mechanism isn’t totally necessary in the most part.

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