Sanaa dating kaepernick

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Sanaa dating kaepernick

Sanna Lathan also runs The Sanaa Lathan Foundation to empower young women aging out of foster care to transition into adult independence through improved self-esteem and access to higher education.

She founded this organization to prepare young women to successfully transition into adult independence.

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star Sanaa Lathan is laughing off rumors that she's dating NFL star Colin Kaepernick.K.; How traffickers abuse faith to trap victims; Breaking the cycle of verbal abuse.Aired 10- 11a ET • Atlanta Airport Power Outage; U.Aired at 11a-12p ET • Raqqa: Liberated or Just Annihilated?Aired 11a-12p ET • ISIS Defeated In A Capital Of So-Called Caliphate; President Xi Jinping Pledges To Build A Modern Socialist Country; Children Forced To Serve As Slaves For ISIS; Aid Group: Humanitarian Crisis Escalating In Syria; Diwali Lights Up Dubai.

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The actress Sanna Lathan is apparently single, not committed to any relationship currently!