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Spirit distiller Johnnie Walker made a limited edition Scotch Whisky called Black Label The Director's Cut, created by Master Blender Jim Beveridge in collaboration with Denis Villeneuve.The experimental blend comes in a futuristic bottle., Blade Runner 2049 has grossed million in the United States and Canada, and 7.2 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of 9.2 million, against a production budget of 0–185 million.K's superior Lieutenant Joshi is fearful that this could lead to a war between humans and replicants.She orders K to find and retire the replicant child to hide the truth.He talks with his superior Joshi and lies by implying he killed the replicant child. At Joi's request, K transfers her to a mobile emitter, an emanator.He has the toy horse analyzed, revealing traces of radiation that lead him to the ruins of Las Vegas.K visits the Wallace Corporation headquarters (the successor-in-interest in the manufacturing of replicants to the Tyrell Corporation, which went out of business) where the deceased female is identified from DNA archives as Rachael, an experimental replicant designed by Dr. K learns of Rachael's romantic ties with former blade runner Rick Deckard.

The film was expected to enter production in mid-2016.

Edward James Olmos briefly reprises his role as Gaff in the original film.

Sallie Harmsen briefly portrays a replicant killed in front of Luv by Niander Wallace.

All the indexes and marketing tools they were using predicted that it would be a success. So everyone expected the first weekend's results to be impressive, and they were shocked.

They still don't understand." attributed the film's performance to the 163-minute runtime limiting the number of showtimes theaters could have, lack of appeal to mainstream audiences, and the marketing being vague and relying on nostalgia and established fanbase to carry it.

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He sends his replicant enforcer Luv to steal Rachael's remains from LAPD headquarters and follow K to Rachael's child.