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Russta dating space

He had been writingrapidly as if the next edition of hisnewspaper demanded bis copy. Representative dividend payingstocks such as New xotk. Moch of his speechwill be aa answer to senator Hard-ing's speech of acceptance and muebof It will be the exposition of con-structive policies which governor Cox pledges himself to carry out ifhe Is elected. One reason why the writer couldn'thelp thinking it was Jimmy Cox thenewspaper man rather than the can-didate who was working on thatspeech was the governor's referenceto the mysterious paragraph whichhe plans to Insert tn his speech atthe last moment by giving it to .thecorrespondents next Saturday to sendby wire. Itwill be one of two such speeches hewill make during the week. 1-Thlrty-ntse less people In 1920 claimed Globe Aria as their borne than la 1S10 thensns bureau announced today. Its percentage ot decrease is .&Other figures announced by the bu-reau included: State of Georgia S.8J01 Increase2SMM or Ids percent. ""- By the Associated Press.) Doubt was ex-pressed in diplomatic etre Us todayas to whether an agreement foran armistice would result from negotiations oetween tne -ousn ana sovietemissaries at Baranovitcbi. Ho Hring writer of cha&rea'stales talks to a larger or more enthssiastic aad Wace than L. Perhaps year boy or girl is already aeaaaiated with the Os stsnes.

Asthe writer entered the governorwept aside a monntain of copypaper and talked enthusiasticallyabout his subjects. CRAWFORD ' TJnklssed Bride"KLLAJVAT"The Red Lane "GRECIAN"Doable Dyed Deceiver." Jack Pickford. Bedroom and Bath "WIGWAM-The Little Cafe."(Read Amasecaent Ads on rage )El Paso Is SINGLERAILWAYIHITGHGOGK ILLIN MHNTHIcharge was opposed by the Pullmancompany on the ground that It wouldreduce the travel In cars of that type. The reasons requiring an increaseof interstate rates are very persuasiveof the need for increase in intrastaterates" declares a report sent to vari-ous state railway commissions todayby the three representatives of thosecommissions who sat with the inter-state commerce commission duringpublic hearings on the billion and ahalf dollar railroad rate case."When all matters are the report "and rememberingthat where thirteen men are con-sidering controverted questions andproposed policies their differences ofopinion must be composed or decidedby the majority we believe that theconclusion considering all things. Ainey chairman public servicecommission of Pennsylvania: Royal CDunn of the Florida railroad commis-sion and John A. Ordinarily a speech of thiskind is prepared a week in advanceso that it can be mailed to all news-papers from coast to coast and thusget the widest publicity. Announcementof the formal program for next Sat-urday notifying governor Cox ot hisnomination for president by the"Democrats was expected following aconference today between the nomi-nee and the Dayton arrangementscommittee. A claim of complete Republican(Continued on page 2 column 7GLOBE LOSES39 POMWashington. (Incompletebecause of omission of one enumera-tion district). Loss of privileges accorded the United States by trade treatiesnow In effect brought about by a pos-sible refusal of other nations to ac-cept amendment of conventions toagree with the Jones shipping forcing the state department tocancel whole treaties is a possibilitydeveloped in preliminary negotiationsfor potting the Jones act into effect. It wasthought the soviet authorities werelikely to Insist on terms too severefor the Poles to aoeept. L Hot fightingalong the river Narew in the .regionnortheast of Warsaw Is reported In Sunday's official soviet communiquereceived by wireless from Moscow to-day The statement read:"In the Trf HTTTa region fighting iscontinuing for the fords of the river Narew. Bakerof Kilgore Ohio were killed sixmiles from here yesterday when a Pennsylvania freight train e trucktheir- automobile. Then yea dent seed ta be told the intense pkassre that c HHren find isthese defightfsl tales.

S with a speech likeibis eight columns long the authormust finish it a week ahead of timeto catch all papers on the Pacificcoast. The Republican nationalcommittee will select a debator in opposition it was saia toaay at senator Hitchcock's office. Robinson of Arkansas.chairman of the San Francisco con-ventlon and an acceptance speech ofgovernor Cox. Local oil men would not be sur-prised if this step were taken bygovernment or state authorities torelieve the shortage In the west ac-cording to Arthur Lockhartj vicepresident and general manager ofthe Rio Grande Oil company. the onlybasts for Intercourse between the United States and Great Britain. 1 fully advised of the sev-eral phases ot this carefully plannedcampaign and it only remains to fixpersonal responsibility before apply-ing the criminal provisions of the Lever law."Manufacturers aad jobbers areeven going to the length of 'guaran-teeing the retail trade against a de-clining market." Mr. Hecalled attention to Instances wheremills have been dosed for the rea-son be charged ot Justifying mar-ket conditlona on the plea of uader-productlon. Rumania has served V an ultimahim upon Soviet Russia giving the Soviets "three days to with-draw their troops from Rumanian territory according ta a Belgrade dispatchreceived' here today. "In the event of Russia's failure ta comply it is wadded Rumania wffl declare a general raobirlation. Officials said this afternoonhowever that it might be days beforethe negotiators were heard from. West of Blelsk our troopsdebouched at the line of the river Nuretz (Xnrzac). And they wfflbe in The Herald from now on in the ' Week-End Edition. El Paso dandy; west Texas cloudy probably showersla panhandle; Hew Mexico showers warmer tn north-west portion; Arizona showers except in southwest.12 PAGES TODAYREDSin a counter attack and are holdingtheir own near Brest-Litovsk.

A small Insert can readily besent by wire and one reason whygovernor Oox doesn't want to put the(Continued ou page 2 eelomn 0)Asked To EL PASOCOPT. SENDSETG1Trn Mltfj Senate Treaty Champion Is To Defend Wilson League Of Nations. Senator Hitchcock will speak laterat Dixon Illinois and B'g Heron Ind on the same issue. The governor has netbeen in communication with senator Robinson for some time and the Democratic national committee Is trying to reach mm. It Isnot so much a case of general short-age as it is s case of poor distribu-tion local gasoline men aver. SHIPPINGACT TO STARTTRADE FIGHTSOther Nations May Retaliateby Forcing Abrogation of Whole Treaties. American shipping can engage Inbusiness with the Straits settlementsand other British possessions and itis possible this privilege will lapse If the whole treaty were denouncedand that something like general com-mercial warfare would follow. Studying of the more than a scoreof commercial treaties which mnst beamended or cancelled under the Jonesshipping act has been found so for-midable by the state department thatthe belief was expressed by officialstoday t&at it would be impossible tocomplete the work by Sept. The Texas &Pacific Railroad company began un-loading material 'with which to con-struct an eating house to replace thebuilding destroyed by fire years ago. according to Pino andwas warmly greeted there by resi-dents. special assistant to the at-torney general In the enforcement ofthe Lever law against profiteeringcharged today that manufacturersand Jobbers of wearing apparel-wereattempting through carefully pre-pared propaganda "to stampede re-tailers and the public Into a renewedfictitious demand" for clothing andthereby force prices higher. The dosing of mills Is In turn be-ing used In the price propaganda."Mr. -The retailer mthan being threatened with furthercurtailment and higher prices if hedoes net accept goods and order onthe present market"IEdeltvert. TOBOLSHEVIST TROOPSTO OUIT TERRITORYHarshness of Bolshevist Demands On Poland Expectedto Make Armistice Impossible; Shattered Woman's Battalion Eetnrns to Warsaw After Defence of Vilna; Capture of Brest-Idtvosk by Eeds Claimed."t r TEHITA Austria Aug. forcing it at severalpoints."In the region of Brody our cavalryhas advanced as a result of fightingnorth or Busk. former gov-ernor of Indiana prohibitioncandidate for prestdent in 1916. Boishevfk forces concentrated onthe Narew river with the apparent ob Ject of driving to Warsaw have dc Uvered strong attacks says a Polls)communique today. The Russian sovie'army Is within seventy-five miles of Warsaw.

PROGRAM MADEFOR NOTIFICATIONIllinois Congressman Pre-dicts Harding Has Irish Vote. Completion of the Democratic campaign organization late this weekwhen many leaders are expected herefor conferences with the presidentialnominee. In theeast there Is enough gasoline ac-cording to reports. A cotton crop ot 12-519000bales this year wo forecast-today by the department of ag-riculture basing Its estimate onthe condition of the crop July25 which was 74.1 percent ot anormal. I the ex-piration of the 90 day period permit-ted by the act-la addition to ascertaining the extent to which existing treaties mustbe amended to reclaim for congresstne ngnt to enact legislationso fnr f Jkumb Aix feupt-rftv te19H df Bstrtotestt must enter rot er-reepo Moae with foreign govern-meats arfecteo. Passengers from two trains are fedat this point dally in addition toscores of railroad men. Following a quiet Sunday Mexicanwas slow to resume its usual activi-ties today. Canto was absentyesterday passing the day at hisranch but is expected to return tothe executive offices today. chief of themilitary forces of Mexico has estab-lished headauarters at Manzani Uo. revoltagainst the Carranxa administrationand were believed by Mexicans to beamong the best drilled and equippedof the federal forces. He was reported to beaboard the gunboat Guerrero whichhad carried him iron. Sax-ony a city of between 25.000 and 1.-0 population where labor troublesrecently occurred has been since yes-terday In the hands of radical work-ers according to a dispatch to the Zwolfuhrb UU. (Busk is 4E milesnortheast of Lemberg)."In the Chertkeff region our ad-vance Is continuing."The fortress of Brest-Lit OTSk. It adds that th Poles repulsed the Bolshevikl wit'heavy loss near Topleloe. A desperate struggle Is going oiwest of Bialystok on the Bre-t Litovsk railroad. It has captured Lomza Justhat distance northeast and Kclnand Szezucxyn near the German border in the Lomza region.

It is pointed out that Englishmade cars will go twice the dis-tance on a gallon of gasoline that American cars will make.& The pro Tcd circulation of The El Paso Herald Is nearlytwice that of any other CIPaso paper."Contribute $L 500 000 A Year In Increased Railroad Rates EL PASO TEXAS. Thus far while there have beenmany Inquiries there have been soformal exchanges and no threats ofretaliation. However as thisis "Colorado day" a holiday In thisstate and many places of businesswere not open the Influx from theresidential sections was hot as heavyas usual The city Dolice department is preparing for any emergency whichmight arise out of the efforts of thecompany to operate has abounded with protestsagainst the shipping act while foreignchambers of commerce and othercommercial agencies have not hesi-tated to express publicly their disap-proval of the act and declare their in-tention of adopting retaliatory meas-ures. Japanese steamship companies baethreatened to divert their Pacificsteamers from western American to Canadian ports or to carry (heirfreight through the Panama caga To Atlantic ports near places of con-sumption thus meeting the threat to Izn&o M heavy compensating shargssoa mu Jt Ctpgporfay QTT o- Japincrogoods under the amended latrta Ucommerce act. This arrangement win give op-portunity tor proving the yield ofthe score or more of scattered shal-low wells in the vicinity of Toyahand will also give an opportunity toget a line on the actual value of theproduct regarding which there hasbeen much controversy. In otherwords de luxe traveling is penalizedmuch more than ordinary travel onthe theory that the person who Isgoing long distances and who or-dinarily would ride in a Pullmanwill not let the few dollars. The British foreign office is press-Inc all its renreeeetatlves In that partof the world Sjuc asgr acxan -ex. Auu Hi Mug to Warsaw dispatch totee LOBOBB i ii inn ue American. Press dispatches from East Prussiacontain conflicting news as to cessa-tion of hostnttles on the . On the oththand some military observers cont-the soviet would be forced to etcsoon by exhaustion hnd lack of coimnnication. He Is returning here Warsaw was brought into c'os-contaet with the front today by arrival In a shattered condition of awoman's battalion which fought todefend Vilna. A crowd assembled later near tfcprison and there were rumors thattwo British soldiers were killed whf-gaardtng the men. When his term expired in 1949 hrbecame an active worker In the prohibition cause and lor live yearstoured the country at the head ot a Hnrfv at fbrahlhttian lecturers knownas the "flying squadron." In June115 the "flying squadron founds Uon" was Incorporated with Mr Hanly at its head.

MONDAY12519000 Bales Is Cotton Crop Estimatem7ASUI-NGTO. The foreign press how TOURISTS TO EL PASO ID RITBY UREASE 11 RAILROAD FARESINCREASED railroad passengerrates effective September 1 ac-cording to Associated Press dis-patches received Monday from Wash-ington will hit Bl Paso harder thanmost of the towns in the country dueto its remoteness from the centersof population. TOYAH' S OIL PRODUCTIONTO BE PUMPED TO REFINERYToyah. British and Trimeh legations therehave advised all their nationals otherthan of Oeials. The messageadds that on receipt ef authority from Paris the French military mission at Warsaw a taking active part in thedirection of the Polish armies. Bnsso-Polish Poles in their retreat the dispatchesreport did not have time to blow upthe Important railway bridge at Grodno enabling the Russian advancecavalry guard to outflank the Poleson their extreme left. Tie battalion .o:fsre 1heavy losses and Is being reorganized Mass has been held in memory o'those who fell defending Vilna. Reports continue to come of the iifeeling aroused against the Poles li Danzig. when Poles wenattacked la the street& Angry crow-issearched the railway depot for Polesand several officers escaped only wlrthe help of Americans; The straa Uan is declared to havebeen caused by refusal ef the deckers to unload a ship of ammunitionfor Poland which was later done 1-Brttlsb soldiers. As president of the "flying squad-ron foundation" be was preparing tolaunch a nationwide fight to elect drrcongressmen to maintain the law In 1J1S he was the candidate ofthe prohibition party for president He was publisher of two papers In Indianapolis the National Enquirera weekly which he founded in 1909and the Indianapolis Commercial adairy.

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Peso 71c; Mexican sold $50; nacionales J28; barsilver domestic 99j4c foreign 93fic; copper 19e; grainlower; livestock higher; stocks weak. In the ease of freight rates thestates will be asked to advancethese tariffs to correspond with the Increase granted by the federal com-mission for the territory In which themats is located.

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