Ron goldman and nicole brown simpson dating

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He said: “When you have a call come out and the 911 operator puts out on the call that she can hear the woman being beaten in the background, that's serious.

“When I got there, I saw an electronic buzzer system so I pushed the button.

“You came into my life and you made this house a home, brought my kids in, your brought love into my house.

In it she wrote of her daily beatings – including while they made love.

One entry simply reads: “' He hit me while we f***ed”.

The explosive documentary also reveals how Mark Fuhrman found the infamous glove hidden behind a bungalow on OJ Simpson's property.

He said the LAPD asked him to take them to Simpson's house as he "was there once".

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“Almost simultaneously a tall, female blonde came running out of the bushes.

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