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Richard armitage actor dating

g Thorin to the real world pushed Armitage to new levels of research eccentricity.His interest in Hitler arose because Oakenshield’s bunker mentality, in which he turns on his closest friends, including Bilbo Baggins, reminded him of the Führer’s last days in Berlin.As for Salmond, well, the dwarfs are the SNP of Middle Earth (“They’re fighting for their independence — if there was a referendum the dwarfs would absolutely have voted yes”).

Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass, his choices since The Hobbit have been determinedly modern.*** Richard Armitage: ‘You get to an age when you’re not totty any more’ By Ed Potton Published at AM, November 28 2014 At 43, Richard Armitage thinks he’s too old to be a pin-up.Fans who have seen his brooding John Proctor on stage and his handsome Thorin in The Hobbit might disagree, says Ed Potton What do Adolf Hitler, Alex Salmond, Richard III and Iron Maiden have in common?No, they’re not guests at Piers Morgan’s fantasy dinner party.They are all inspirations for Richard Armitage’s portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield, the exiled dwarf king in Peter Jackson’s blockbusting Hobbit trilogy.

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Then there was three years at Lamda, which clearly fired his Method leanings. “Some people pretend and do it very well but I’m not very good at pretending.” He knows that being waterboarded “sounds like an actor being a bit too invested in the role but I’m more interested in presenting the truth than a fake reality”.

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