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These games are usually aimed at a female audience, such as Tokimeki Memorial Girls' Side.Note that not all games meant for female players fit this tag, such as yaoi games.The protagonist may take it as an Unwanted Harem, react as a Harem Seeker, or be Oblivious to Love; but he almost actually enters a consummated romantic relationship with any of them, except perhaps as the grand finale.

Contrast Royal Harem, which is about the literal, traditional sort of harem as found in a royal palace.Other possible dynamics include the "Harem Route", where the girls choose to share the lead character amicably rather than risk losing him and their friends completely, or the "Shuraba" ("Bloodbath") route, where There Can Be Only One and the contenders ruthlessly sabotage each other to secure mastery.There is also the hybrid option where the harem is "led" by a female lead in a conventional Official Couple relationship with the MC and "backed" by a Supporting Harem.There are hundreds of these games in almost every genre: romance, hentai, adventure, and even horror (try googling Song of Saya)… (Or don’t mind playing as a boy…)There are OVERWHELMING numbers of these games but the options for girls are very limited.(But I would encourage almost anyone to look into the bird dating sim “Hatoful Boyfriend” because holy shit—just do it.) Amnesia is, as you have probably figured out at this point, based on one of these dating sims for girls. Certainly not a 2, or a 3, not anywhere near the ratings I keep seeing over and over. But understand what it is: This game is based on a dating sim.

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When I sat down with Tim Rogers to play it for the first time, I saw a lot of the building blocks for later otome games, and a few ideas I wish would come back.