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In a stone with a window that occupies over 50 percent of the face-up area, the gemologist also grades the window as the dominant color and then the brilliance as the additional color. If it does not appear to be grayish or brownish at all, it has strong to vivid saturation.

Lastly, the gemologist estimates the saturation level. Saturation is also where any additional colors such as those due to color change, pleochroism, color zoning, and windowing less than 50% are noted.

Even though it may have good primary color, if it's too light in tone, it will not be rich enough... if the color is too dark, it will sacrifice brilliancy and transparency. in strong, diffused, daylight-equivalent lighting, with the light source somewhere around 10 in. The stone is then rocked back and forth up to a total of 30 degrees as the tone, hue, and saturation judgments are made.

If a buyer requests additional gem testing prior to a sale, the seller may provide this, but at additional cost to the buyer.

Indicates that this gemstone has no known enhancement, and was tested by an independent gemologist, or our in-house gemologist, to assure you with a measure of certainty that the gem has no known enhancement.

Type I stones are usually eye-clean with no inclusions visible to the unaided eye.

The stones in this type are usually of such high clarity that even minor inclusions can detract from their desirability.

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You will find that our "Enhancement Codes and Treatment Terms" explain the majority of treatment methods used in the Gem Trade.

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