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At night, my friends got me a limo like I had always wanted, and we went dancing.

By 1 or a.m., I was kinda over it, and wanted to chill by the pool.

I had been engaged for a year, and it was four weeks from my wedding.

I'd met Chris in college; he was my first boyfriend. We were staying at a friend's house who lived in Virginia Beach.

We talked about it, we knew we would still be intimate, and we knew I wouldn't be able to crawl around on the bed and climb on top of him — but from the sex ed that I sought out since I was openly talking to people [at rehab], there were plenty of positions I could do.

I actually had sex for the first time in rehab, because they have a special room, like an apartment, that people go into by themselves, and it's kind of like being at home again.

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Before the accident, we were very sexual as a couple. We just connected so perfectly — sex was something that always brought us closer together, and it was scary to think what our lives would be like sexually [after the accident].

So that's why I'm kind of able to tell when I'm having sex and still feel aroused. But one positive difference, I would say, is that before the accident, it was always about having the orgasm. But as far as positions go, it's much easier to do missionary obviously with my legs — you'd hold them back, but what I do is kind of wrap my arms around my legs to make it easier.

You get endorphins, you feel the same signals in your brain pleasure-wise, I get the messages. My mind really did kind of get set on getting there, and sometimes, looking back, I wasn't always in the moment. At this point, it's about feeling all those pleasure zones as they happen, and not just waiting for the big climax. I'm not gonna say it's so much better — I miss orgasms. I can do it from the side, like being embraced, or on my stomach.

And most girls like to be kissed on their neck, but now it's an ultra sensitive spot for me. One reason I'm very upfront and overshare about this is because it's such a misconception that people in wheelchairs can't have sex or be sexy — and they're just lying there, so how can that be sexy?

But there's a lot I can still do in the bedroom, and I still think our sex life is better than the average married couple's.

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