Puma punku carbon dating

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So some of them came very close and built amazing structures like the Pyramids of Egypt and South America.Others made similar structures of whatever materials were available, wood, stone, earth...thus you find that almost every ancient civilization has some influence of pyramidial structures - from the wooden pagoda's of China, to the giant earth mounds of the early settlers of what is now Europe, and similar with the so-called native Americans.I just wanted to trow this out there for members take into consideration. Would this also Explain The Vast Similarity's of Ancient World My thought if All Else Fails of the Assumption that Aliens DID IT! Think of US in 500 hundred Years then go back in time to 17 thousand years as Claimed the Age of Tiahanaco ! Archaeological data indicate that various forms of domestication of plants and animals arose independently in six separate locales worldwide ca. Every time i see this Puma Puku, I get 1000 question going though my mind~!! Precise cuts, measurements and engineering is what has always stood out to me, especially Punmpuku; but, after looking at the wounder of this particular subject, a thought occurred to me I never had before of how they could have pulled this off.I wish I could link the C-14 tests but I watched this video about 12 years ago, sorry about that Who Built Puma Punka.? Or just maybe a Bearded Guy came down to earth named Quetzalcoatl and his crew made these structures if you think in depth ! 10,000–7000 years BP (8,000–5000 BC), with the earliest known evidence found throughout the tropical and subtropical areas of southwestern and southern Asia, northern and central Africa and Central America. Originally posted by boncho It is evident you have spent much more time than the average person looking into this stuff, and for that I applaud you. ( ); could they, the ancient people, have done it with wet/damp clay?I believe what happened to them, after God destoryed the tower and confused their languages, was that they had to group off into like languages to communicate, and that they all went to different geographical places to assemble in tribes and groups, and then they began to TRY to rebuild the temple they had been working on.As such, they each had "some" of the knowledge of building this great structure, but not all the knowledge.However, some of the structures we see here - like these that slayer so brilliantly laid out for us to see - which appear to have been destroyed (as reportedly rumored) by a FLOOD.

What I don't understand is they are using a plaster to make each pyramid look like one solid piece of stone.

And I think we can look at Genesis chapter 6 to find that flood explained. The "documentary" linked to is a production of the only ancient alien magazine I know of on the market - "Legendary Times." ("Atlantis Rising" isn'tr dedicated to Ancient Astronauts.) It is, in fact, a television program paid for in part by that rag. She then announced plans to do DNA analyses of the Pericu, saying that she thought the result "would be a scientific bomb". A second wave of American settlers, the ancestors of present-day Native Americans, immigrated from northeastern Asia a mere several thousand years ago, Gonzalez-Jose's group concludes in the Sept. Originally posted by BRITWARRIOR Why is it with all these ancient sites there is always a copycat site nearby trying to back engineer, with craftsmen ship which is very much what we would have expected for that time period, or what they "should" have been capable of back then, we don't even have cranes today that could lift most of these stones crane in use today in the world.

The diorite thing is nowhere even near the worst or stupidest lie told on that farce crockumentary. Unfortunately, until early 2007, the bomb has failed to go off and all parties (pros as well as cons) are left standing aroundwith their quarrels stopped in mid-argument, waiting for the lady. I realize the claim is a common one and that you're likely just repeating what you read somewhere.

But then again mind over mater should not be overlooked.

One thing I would like to mention is that carbon 14 dating is not a reliable method of dating anymore.

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According to these words, God made man perfect and with full capacity of knowledge and abilities.