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I mean, really, we don't see them all year for a reason... Eve gets really into the Christmas spirit in this book. Lighten up."Her hand snapped out, grabbed him by the shirtfront, and yanked him off the table. don't you fucking tell me to lighten up, you little cross-eyed son of a bitch. In this book she is coming to grips with the Christmas holiday and having to buy gifts for her ever increasing circle of friends.

And, this book is celebrating it with a serial killer who decorates his victims with the Twelve Days of Christmas theme. The only thing dying during our holiday gatherings is the idea that seeing those long-lost family members again is a good idea. That's right, simmering rage and violent eruptions of emotional pain. Each book in this series builds upon the character of Eve and it is very hard not to love her as much as the author obviously does.

But Lieutenant Eve Dallas, on the trail of a ritualistic serial killer, has made a disturbing discovery: all of the victims have been traced to Personally Yours. Santa had a lot to answer for as 2058 drew to a close – and Dallas was determined to stop him in his tracks…Holiday in Death by J. Robb is 7th in the series, and is another excellent mystery – a re-read for me, and as exciting to devour this time as it was last! In this installment of the wildly popular "In Death" series we find a madman dressed as Santa ringing doorbells and then raping and murdering the person who answers. If I worked for her I'd reques In this installment of the wildly popular "In Death" series we find a madman dressed as Santa ringing doorbells and then raping and murdering the person who answers. Well, apparently Eve was saying it from a personal standpoint and not as Peabody's boss. Which would be fine if he wasn't so much more interesting than the heroine. This story is full of tension, the murders hit a rough spot on Eve's psych being sex-crimes. *yawn*Ack, Robb's villains in this series are so skeevy.

As the murders continue, Eve enters into an elite world of people searching for their one true love--and a killer searching for his next victim. So, Eve gets her feelings hurt over Peabody's rant. I was bothered by the previous book because it was so Eve-centric when the mystery should have had the book focused much more on Roarke. It has it's funny moments as always, the whole gang is present and I like Mc Nab's addition to the team-after 2 books he seems like a permanent figure. No ex for Roarke, but adoration of his good looks by almost all women incl. This guy was a really nasty piece of work, and the fact that it muddled Eve's mind due to how personal it was for her was not a new idea.

The dialogue between Peabody and Eve made me laugh and it made me cry. I loved every single word in this book and enjoyed every precious moment!Naughty Posh FLIRT Rich and Wealthy, single or married looking for a fling. Benefit from the "Make Love Happen" Guarantee - if you don't meet someone special within 6 months then they give you your next 6 months free. Important Note - Code Hot bring you the latest information on senior dating sites.People with money who can usually buy anything they want sometimes can't get the thing they desire most - a good sexual experience with no-strings. Sign up in one easy step to join them.illicit encounters Married but feeling neglected? Have you discovered illicit encounters yet - it's a discreet and confidential extra-marital dating service for married women and men. However, details can change regularly so please carefully check each sites details and conditions before you apply. Lieutenant Eve Dallas headed in to the station early after the usual recurring nightmare had disturbed her sleep once again. So, again, I need to ask the question that I ask every book: why the hell does Roarke like Eve? She even storms into a police officer's Christmas party on Christmas Eve and freaks out that he isn't working. This is another brilliant episode in this amazing series. This was my least favorite book so far, not because of the mystery aspect, I quite liked Santa Killer, but because Eve was acting like a bitch with Nadine, with Peabody, with Charles and generally with everyone at some points.

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A world where the power of love leads men and women into the ultimate act of betrayal... And in this one he's pushed even further into the background. It isn't your typical fairy tale love story but when it comes to Roarke and Eve it is perfect. The characters are all amazing and the relationships that form between them, just getting stronger and stronger with each book. I felt so sorry for the victims, especially for he 1st woman. However, it still stirs up a lot of pity from the reader...namely ME.