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Poems dating your best friend

Over 12 years ago I started as a freshman entering band camp…and we all know band camp at an HBCU is intense!

The summer before, I received my housing info from the school and spoke with my assigned roommate, Corey, on the phone, so I knew that we would be in this together. We have remained best friends for all of these 12 years along with a strong network of eight friends we call the 211–104 connection (from on-campus apartments we all lived in together).

Brittany is more like a sister than anything to me.

We went on to have an EPIC friendship spanning our four years at Southern University Baton Rouge through right now!

She's my first college roommate, my friend, my sorority sister, and my ace.

Beatrice (left) and I met in Phase 3 apartments at Florida A&M University.

Two girls from New York being in the same room in a Florida college miles from home — it was meant to be!

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