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Oracle updating a multiset collection

Elements of a nested table are actually stored in a separate storage table that contains a column that identifies the parent table row or object to which each element belongs.

The index number is used to access a specific element.

If you need to run efficient queries on a collection, handle arbitrary numbers of elements, or perform mass insert, update, or delete operations, then use a nested table. You create an instance of a collection type in the same way that you create an instance of any other object type, namely, by calling the type's constructor method.

The name of a type's constructor method is simply the name of the type.

Oracle allows arrays to be of variable size, which is why they are called varrays.

The following statement creates an array type CREATE TYPE phone_typ AS OBJECT ( country_code VARCHAR2(2), area_code VARCHAR2(3), ph_number VARCHAR2(7)); / CREATE TYPE phone_varray_typ AS VARRAY(5) OF phone_typ; / CREATE TABLE dept_phone_list ( dept_no NUMBER(5), phone_list phone_varray_typ); INSERT INTO dept_phone_list VALUES ( 100, phone_varray_typ( phone_typ ('01', '650', '5061111'), phone_typ ('01', '650', '5062222'), phone_typ ('01', '650', '5062525'))); type for procedural purposes, such as in PL/SQL or in view queries.

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You specify one by appending a second nested-table storage clause.

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