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This allows the parser to check and make sure that the XML file conforms to the rules established in the DTD/Schema.Many parsers will also report errors in the DTD or Schema itself, which can be an incredible benefit, especially if you aren't feeling all that comfortable with DTD/Schema authoring.Now, even if you are not a programmer, knowing that your XML documents are really written for the parser will help you understand why some of the well-formedness constraints exist.Also, you may be developing custom applications for XML where you will need to make decisions about what parsers to use.This tends to lead to lightweight parsers that process XML files very quickly, but at the expense of validation.An example of a non-validating parser: Non-validating parsers will report errors in your files as well; however, keep in mind that even non-validating parsers are not required by the XML 1.0 Recommendation to read non–well-formed XML documents.

These are parsers that deal only with well-formed XML files, and they don't do anything with Document Type Definitions or XML Schemas.

XML files by themselves are just as Word documents are by themselves—without an application in which to open and manipulate the contents of the file, there is not much point.

Using the data in an XML document requires applications that are capable of handling XML, such as browsers for viewing and displaying XML, and data-processing applications that can read XML files as well.

They do, however, work to enforce well-formedness, and help you add the ability to process XML files to your applications.

The advantage of using non-validating parsers in your applications is that you gain XML compatibility, but you don't take on the overhead of validation.

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