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Instead, the police may be called to escort the person out of the meeting or, in lieu of calling the police, the meeting may be adjourned to another location without the disruptive person.

In addition, the disruptive person may be fined for their behavior if there are rules against such conduct.

For example, topics should not: If the board has a lengthy agenda, it may ask members to limit their comments to agenda items only so everyone has an opportunity to speak to those issues before the board addresses them. Boards are restricted by statute in the answering of questions. Members who engage in such behavior may be ejected from the meeting.

Members can ask questions but directors are limited in how they can answer them. The Open Meeting Act allows the board to establish reasonable time limits but there is no limit on the number of topics members can raise. Code §4930(a).) Boards cannot create unreasonable rules that would stifle a member's right to address the board.

The recording is deleted once the minutes have been prepared.

As provided in the "Open Meeting Act," members may observe the meeting but do not have the right to participate in the Board's deliberations or votes.

But we are here to address the questions of why this is the case, what evidence there is to support these studies and these trends, and to set out what makes Internet chat rooms different from other venues.

Joining me today are several individuals, all of whom either as public health officials, researchers, safe sex advocates or some combination thereof, have a particular interest and expertise in Internet chat room use among MSM. Frank has worked on men's sex and health issues for more than 15 years. He is assistant research psychologist and has studied and worked on a number of community-based interventions among gay men.

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Participants: Philip Huang, Asian Health Service, Oakland, California; Jeff Klausner, MD, San Francisco Department of Public Health; Deb Levine, Internet Sexuality Information Services, San Francisco; Greg Rebchook, UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies; Frank Strona, Mark Vogel: Welcome to today's roundtable discussion sponsored by HIV In Site and The Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, both at UCSF.

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