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On line dating ideas

You'll need to look for other clues, like whether he contacts you when he says he's going to, to gauge trustworthiness. That's the question Davis and Katz both say men ask themselves when you emphasize your relationship with your kids too much in your profile.

Katz suggests showing, and not telling, that you're close to them by giving an example of something you do together.

He hears: I'm older than my profile says, but you won't date me if I tell you my real age.He hears: I'm embarrassed that I'm on this dating website and would never want to tell our friends or family.In fact, I don't think I can actually meet you."If you feel like you have to say this you're probably unsure about online dating to begin with," says Davis.Even if you don't, both Wygant and Katz say not to mention it in your profile.Don't worry about wasting your time on men only looking for sex.

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But our experts agreed that they make men wonder if you have room for them in your life.