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Olympic sports singles sports dating

Meeting 103 times since 1892 is sure to spark a historic hatred.Few expressions better define the relationship between these two equally baffling journalists than Stephen A. Misguided bickering, utterly nonsensical comments and an inability to listen to anyone else headline this potent feud.This yearly fiesta, as we'd like to believe it should be called, is often so huge it demands a bigger venue.After these two teams squared off at RFK Stadium in 1999, they played at Giants Stadium the following meeting.Only 70 miles separate these highly competitive programs, with electric hatred flooding every crevice.

Rivalries have always exhilarated fans and sent journalists into frenzies, but never cease to create worldwide disdain.Before the first meeting between these two legendary fighters, Sugar Ray Leonard (named boxer of the decade for the '80s) had never lost and was almost eliminated in the second round by a truculent Roberto Duran.Duran would win by decision in 15 rounds, with the two set to meet again only months later.A ferocious matchup between two historically black schools, this rivalry continues to shadow Division I football.While Minnesota and Wisconsin hold fierce rivalries in the MLB, NBA and the Big Ten Conference, it's their NFL clash that has us tingling with excitement.

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