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No other Nigerian, dead or alive would ever be honored in death like Awolowo was honored.

“Kinniun Onibudo” like Adekunle Fajuyi was a brave soldier in civilian dress.

The success of King Sunny Ade the current “Oluaiye” of Juju Music, and Commander Ebenezer Obe, the “Ajagunmole” of the finest composition in Yoruba Language you will ever know, can be traced to their inspiration from the older generation of musicians like Denge, Olatunji Yusuf, Tunde Nightingale, Haruna Ishola, Kasumu Adio and Suberu Oni, not to talk of “Ijesha Nimere”, Baba Aladura, I. Dairo himself whose music had gotten him the uncommon attention of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second. with the insignia of an OBE, (Order of the British Empire) in recognition of Dairo’s amazing talent and contribution to our national unity. He himself had acknowledged that in one of his Albums when he sang, “Won ni mi o m’owe o, oniwe mewa nse lebira ni Ikeja, won ni mi omo we o” meaning they all say I am an illiterate, and I accept that for a fact, but I also know that I am still far better that a School Certificate holder at Ikeja who is “suffering and smiling” as a Cloak room attendant” When Dairo made that statement more than 20 years ago, one had thought it was hyperbolic and funny to say the least. D holders in our country not to talk of Masters and Bachelor’s Degree holders who would be more than happy to be a cloak room attendant at Ikeja,just to keep body and souls together now. Fajuyi’s example was one of the heroic deeds in nation building and loyalty that our entire nation must be proud of.

it will be recalled that Her Majesty was pleased to honor I. You cannot fully appreciate the import of what Lieutenant Adekunle Fajuyi had done for Nigeria and for the rank and file of Yorubas every where in the whole World, if you have not carefully listened to that album.

You don’t have to say “Cheese” to have the average Nigerian give you a smile in photo opportunities in the Church or any social gathering. “Mukulu muke ma jo for Olorun mi” Sunny Ade used to sing. He, intuitively knew what the great majority of us could not immediately fathom, that the war was coming, and it, surely, came to pass with clock-like precision. D had used that tremendous talent to aid the move to self actualization of musical giants like Ebenezer Obe and Sunny Ade to mention a few. Wale Glorious’ musical talent in Juju was galvanized by I. The other album that took my fancy or fantasy out of many, is titled “Igbeyawo” That too has now become a national album that is played through out the nook and corners of our country for newly married couples at their Reception Parties, because it was so uniquely beautiful and fit for the occasion.

Even our newest Prince of the Catholic Church in Rome, Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie was candid enough to draw attention to how the kind of “ariya” that goes on in many of our Churches today in the name of God and Praise Worship, is clearly beyond the pale. Any wonder then to conclude that music and those who unleash it on our people have been a major factor in our togetherness or unity as a Nation. had sang “Gbim, Gbim, langbo, a o mo bi ibon ti ndun, K’olori d’ori re mu o, ka biye s’ara, oran Nigeria yi o, ko ma ba d’ogun” The Biafran war was still several years away when I. That uncanny talent to predict or prophesy is not what I am about in this article. The one I am highlighting in this piece is the late Wale Glorious of Akure fame, who was only a toddler when I. “E rora mi a gb’ese, je k’oko Iyawo wole, E rora mi a gb’ese, j’alarade wo le” it was an invocation or a clarion call to the Wedding guests to all stand up and accord the highest honor to the newly wed, as they come into the Hall in the majesty of their newly consummated love and respect for each other in deference to what the Almighty God has ordained as the very foundation of Life society, and partnership everlasting.

Wale had recognized in that album that the history of Akure was built, in large part, around the personality and legacies of Afunbiowo and his successors to the throne of Akure.

Today I am going a step further to focus my searchlight on two preeminent Nigerian Musical idols, and how their amazing sound and musical ingenuity have promoted national integration in much the same way like Soccer have become the central glue holding our fragile country together, if you really think about it.

He had done it in the Middle Belt Movement led by the great Joseph Sarwuan Tarka.

Awolowo did it when he openly announced that if the East was driven out of the Nigerian Federation, the South West would take a hike in a heartbeat.

Those who label Nigerians among the happiest species in the world only need to see how the great majority of Nigerians, especially in the South, respond to music, and what is ably defined by King Sunny Ade in our own hip-hop culture as “ariya ko lopin” (celebration galore or euphoria without end). Sunny and Obe did not at any point introduce the accordion to their music for some reason.

Why for goodness sake, would any casual observer or visitor to our country or social gatherings or Churches not think we are some of the happiest people in this planet regardless of what we ourselves have come to know as the real state of our Nation? I remember going out of my way to earn Wale Glorious and His Aiyesoro Spot Band, a slot at one of the several Musical Carnivals hosted in 1965 by the Student Council of the great University of Ife when the University was still located at the Ibadan Campus. I call him the Heir apparent because Obe and Sunny would appear to have broken out of the pack to create their own variant of Juju Music which is slightly different but very similar to I. That was a major difference to the kind of sound and percussion the two icons had crafted to create a unique identity for themselves in Juju Music in Nigeria. Wale Glorious was like Moses who had seen the promised Land from a distance but just did not get there, before he was snatched away from us.

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Wale was able to prove beyond all shades of doubt that we Yorubas are principled and heroic people who think before we act, and who value our principle above our own selfish interest.

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