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Of course a tight nuchal cord doesn’t strangle a baby. They don’t tell you that 10-15% of stillbirths are associated with cord problems like nuchal cords and true knots.

Without that information, anything they say on the topic is worse than worthless.

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Similarly, a loose true knot in the umbilical cord is not a problem for the fetus because the oxygen continues flowing through the loop.Kelly Brogan, “holistic psychiatrist,” and a charter member of the Quack Pack (along with Bob Sears, Aviva Romm, and other physicians who promote pseudoscience) recently shared a thoroughly misleading Facebook post about nuchal cords.Natural childbirth and homebirth advocates get very excited about nuchal (neck) cords, the medical term for an umbilical cord that gets wrapped around the baby’s neck.Does Brogan plan to donate the millions of dollars it will take to provide appropriate care for that child? She left the practice of medicine to raise her four children.Or will she simply ignore those who suffer and die from her misinformation and keep right on peddling it? Her book, Push Back: Guilt in the Age of Natural Parenting (Harper Collins) is available 4/5/16.

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In order to understand the danger of a nuchal cord it helps to think of the cord as similar to the air line of a deep sea diver.

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