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I am not particularly virtuous, just practical and reasonably traditional and confident in my values (a socially conservative liberal, by choice). I have been married long enough, and had enough of my own challenges, that I am not inclined to moralize on the topic. It doesn't quite agree with the above posters claim even though I agree with them , but here's the info: How Likely Is Your Partner to Cheat?

| Personality & Infidelity | Sexual Behavior in Relationships | Live Science "Sexual personality But most important of all were the participants' sexual personalities.

Others who enjoy multiple partners might just transition to being a swinger once married, keeping their desire for variety intact. I agree, there is no universal answer for this one.

For me, the issue in marriage has been that I really took seriously the vows I made, and I avoid situations were I might feel tempted to break them.

For both men and women, fear of sexual consequences and anxiety about sexual performance influenced infidelity.

When people had little concern about the consequences of sex including pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and being caught Tweeting pictures of your crotch to strangers they were more likely to step out on their partner.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. If someone has a relatively large number of partners before marriage getting used to and accustomed to new experiences and the rush of lust, does that tendency go away for some in marriage easily?

Some seem to enjoy a wide number of partners during singlehood but grow to love the safety and security of one partner once married if the sex is good.

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