Nue chat free

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Nue chat free

In its fully tangible state, Nue is shown a unique form of regeneration, able to grow several smaller versions of the limb from the stump.

It is very strong, able to smash through multiple giant stone walls and highly resilient as launched kunai merely bounce off it.

Nue is able to sense the negative emotions in an individual, using that to select its target.

Upon realising that Boruto could see Nue influencing Negative Chakra, Sumire strategically had Nue target individuals in area's of the village away from him.Only when the victim overcomes their negative emotions or is knocked out will the spectre be forced out from its vessel.It also appears able to feed off their victim's chakra as sustenance, using it to take a physical form to attack independently.She was intercepted by Sai Yamanaka's unit, who initially managed to subdue her.She managed to escape by unleashing the Nue, who's tangible form began to unleash a rampage.

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On the night before the Academy entrance ceremony, when Denki Kaminarimon was struggling with his strained relationship with his father and his constant bullying, Nue influenced Denki, until Boruto Uzumaki freed him the next day.