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And as a lifelong resident of Northport (class of 1983) I agree that Billy Joel never lived there, Mariah Carey is from neighboring Greenlawn, and Jack Kerouac did live in Northport with his mother on Judy Ann Court in the early 1960's.

We could probably find sources for everybody else if needed but they don't seem to be contested.Fife Club , 8 February 2007 (UTC) I've semi-protected the article until 30 November 2007, because Russellmba appeared to be using several IP addresses in a disruptive manner. The other two folks with the fact tags should be removed as well it seems.How about just sticking to souceable additions to this article? --Tom , 2 November 2007 (UTC) I undid your edit since Kerouac did live in Northport and there are numerous articles relating to Kerouac living in my hometown of Northport.It would be perfectly acceptable to link (properly) to somebody's website on an article dedicated to that person, but since this is an article on Northport it would not be appropriate here.Now I don't feel strongly enough to make any changes here now, but personally I think there's already too much detail on the Vance Brescia notation for the same reason that the subject of the article should remain focused on Northport. --Fife Club (talk) , 22 July 2008 (UTC) Vance Brescia was raised in, and lives in, Asharoken (not Northport).

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However that doesn't make him a resident, nor does it back up that he ever lived in The Pit.