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But before the wrecking balls move in, the council has commissioned archaeologists to investigate three sites around Kings Square for evidence of the town's early history.

At what was the entrance to the library, a large pit has been excavated and the team is carefully uncovering the layers.

This lead to the obvious first verse of what transpired, Pete waking after a blackout facing a constable.

There is the, "lost second verse" that is a lot more relevant to his experience that day, "I used to check my refection, jumping with my cheap guitar, i must have lost my direction because i ended up a superstar, what happens in the boardroom, One night I'm in the board affected by the human race, you can learn from my mistakes but your posing in the glass again." Seems to speak to his prior meetings ad then his random with the pistols and there inquires of breaking the charts and being rockstars, no revolutionaries.

Fremantle council is taking the opportunity to dig up some of its past before construction begins on the multi-million-dollar redevelopment of the town centre.

The Kings Square project will see the 1960s council library administration block torn down and replaced.

ALSO the lyric is I felt a little like a dying HOUND not clown HOUND.

I know alot of the lyric sites have it wrong but it is dying hound with streak of rin tin tin a dog!!

There was a settlement that day in London with Klien that made the entire band solvent millionaires for the first time.Evidently the new, wave of cook and jones quizzed pete about cars, bird,s and all the other indulgences of rock stardom.Not sure if there were fistucuffs, but Pete obviouly let it be known his disappointment.This material is iron and copper and we have about 50 horse shoes coming out."Digging up the site also offers a chance to discover some of the detailed history of the town that official accounts do not cover."Often the written history deals with famous people and big buildings, it doesn't necessarily deal with everyday life and that is where archaeology comes into its own," Ms Hook said.The blacksmith and farriers were "the workshops of their age, they made sure that everything was being transported quickly and easily through the City of Fremantle and so this was a main hub", although little is known about them, Ms Hook added."Through the material we are pulling out we can get an understanding of what they were doing here and also the extent of their operations." Around the corner, four squares of the mall that run between St John's Anglican Church and the Town Hall have been fenced off also.

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