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Nifskope updating a nif version

The process explained here will work also for porting into Skyrim armours or outfits made for other games.

As currenly the tools used for modelling are not completely adapted for Skyrim, there are some steps that require some manual adjustments.

To rebuild the weights of your armour, follow the steps explained in Add weights to the armour.

From now on, all the steps of the process are exactly the same as the ones you would have to follow if you had created the armour from scratch.

As you are adapting an armour to work in Skyrim, you will also have to fix the dismemberment weights as explained here: Fix the dismemberment weights.

This will surely change in the future months and this tutorial will be updated when required.

Skyrim has introduced a new feature for characters: the weight slider.

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As Blender has not yet been fully adapted to Skyrim, to be able to import the nif files into it you have to change some properties in Nif Skope. If you cannot find that option it is because you haven't installed Nif Scripts.